The thing in the post title is something I didn’t have any experience with before coming to Japan. It only became a part of my daily routine since I moved to Tokyo almost two months ago. Sadly I’m not talking about the FPS game.

I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced more earthquakes in Tokyo just the past two weeks than in the 4 years I spent in Hikone. “Best” of all is that some of these weren’t even small. Small is when everyone just tweets “omg it’s an earthquake” then forgets all about it ten minutes later.

You might’ve seen that memetic jokepic (sadly I can’t find it at the moment) going, “Earthquake in US: drop, cover, hold on. Earthquake in Japan: twitter, twitter, twitter.” Well, it’s not so amusing when you wake up in the morning to a quake as strong as nothing you’ve felt since 3/11. I guess you can say west Japan spoiled me with its relative lack of earthquakes.

I’d kinda like it though if a certain colleague of mine would stop saying “there’s a real big one coming sooner or later” every time someone mentions earthquakes.