Doing stuff you don’t like

There are these people who do stuff they don’t like. I don’t get it.

It’s one thing when you just have to do something to survive, even if you hate it (like working some shitty job), but apparently for some people online hobbies are like that too. Yesterday, in response to my earlier post, I was told “you and Xythar have this idea that fansubbing can be compared to like passive entertainment. But that’s you – other people treated it like a job.”

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On fansubbing

I just read koda’s post about fansubbing and I couldn’t agree less with it. She claims the same thing she’s claimed already when I showed up on Rizon four years ago: fansubbing is dead as it’s pointless to keep it up with simulcasts all over the place, and people who still stick to it are either delusional in that they can do better than the official, do it for the e-peen and/or simply don’t have a life.

I still call that bullshit.

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Sportember (nem)

Szerintem amióta nem lakok otthon (aminek lassan már lassan hat éve), ahányszor beszélek édesapámmal, annyiszor kérdezi meg, hogy sportolok-e rendszeresen. Ritka kivételekkel erre kitérő nemleges választ adok (ilyen kivételek voltak azok az időszakok az egyetem alatt, amikor tényleg minden nap eljártam kondiba és futni).

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