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Az a fránya orr

Tegnap este úgy kifárasztott a műszak, hogy nem volt energiám még egy számjegyű “melegben” és csepergő esőben elindulni kondiba, inkább nekiálltam és összeraktam a polcot a hálószobámba. Közben rendet is raktam, és ekkor történt a baleset: újra hajtogattam a meleg pokrócot, amit amúgy nem használok, és úgy tűnik gyűjtötte a port. Nekem meg van egy szexi poratka-allergiám.

Öt percre rá fullra be volt már állva az orrom, bár nálam szerencsére az allergia kimerül ennyiben. A duguláson segít az orrspré, és reméltem, hogy a brutálisabb gyógyszer majd megnyugtatja az éjszaka alatt. Ehelyett az történt, hogy míg az orrsprének köszönhetően elaludni el tudtam, reggelre belobban teljesen “megfázásosan” az orrom. Gondolom, hogy felgyülemlett valami az éjszaka, amiben beindultak a bacik. És persze így már egész nap folyt az orrom, mintha megnyitottak volna egy csapot.

Amit persze nem győzök fújni, és ha fújom is, folyik hátrafelé a torkomba, úgyhogy persze az is elkezd kaparni, mert valami szaros fertőzés jobban tudja manipulálni a testem folyamatait egy begyulladt orr-nyálkahártyán át, mint én. Így ma kimaradt persze a kondi, és gyanítom, hogy holnap egy rendelő látogatás is be fog kerülni a napirendbe, mert általában ha már itt tartok, akkor rendes gyógyszer nélkül örökké tart.

Azt a kurva pokrócot meg a következő adandó alkalommal kidobom a fenébe.

The Global Rescue Experience

For my trip to Pakistan last summer, I’d signed up for the Global Rescue travel insurance in addition to my “normal” membership. I’ve been using this setup for most of my expeditions, since the membership covers helicopter rescue (a very important aspect especially in rural Pakistan) and the travel insurance covers pretty much everything else (though they refused to pay for my camera that was stolen in Argentina). For the Broad Peak + K2 expedition it wasn’t even a cheap endeavor with the travel insurance clocking in at almost $9000. However it included “interrupt for any reason” coverage, meaning it should pay up for pretty much any reason.

View from a little above crampon point on Broad Peak


スマート電球っていいね… と思っちゃった。わざわざベッドから起きなくても消せるし、スマホから操作もできるし、遠距離で点けたり消したりできるし、明度も調整できるし、強いでしょう?とか思いながらも結局金出すほどやりたいことでもなかった。そして今年の夏、ようつべでルームツアーやインテリア動画にハマった時期に紹介の動画を見たら結局衝動買いしちゃった。なぜかというとその辺飲みに行った店の内観がめっちゃササって、それっぽくできるじゃない?と思ったから。

Fuck ads

There are ads that I don’t mind. I’ve multiple times clicked on ads on Facebook and ended up actually buying stuff I’m happily using to this day (trousers, shoes, games…). On the other hand I don’t remember ever clicking on any Google ads, mostly because I adblock everywhere by default so I don’t even see them. On my work machine, where I don’t have adblock, Google ads are just plain stupid so it never even occurs to me.

red fire digital wallpaper

Maybe a new watch

I’ve been using a Garmin Instinct since I got back from Aconcagua, both for training in the gym and running or hiking outdoors. I might need to replace it sooner than later.

Rings of what?

I looked forward to the Rings of Power. A show set in the second age of Middle Earth? There is so much potential. Other than the history textbook outline of the Akallabeth, there’s basically nothing set in stone. There are some characters who are described being kings of regions, founding lordships over thousands of years, but for most of it the second age is a blank sheet where you could make any story you’d want. As long as it doesn’t contradict those historical outlines in the Akallabeth.

Getting advanced mountain gear in Japan

You’d expect that with Japanese people being among the top mountaineers on 8000 peaks, the country having a healthy scene for winter sports it shouldn’t be hard to get advanced mountain gear, right? Let’s share some stories.

Stuff that broke in Rails 6.1

Rails uses a “shifted” “semantic” “versioning” which pretty much comes down to the following. Major version: “we’ll most definitely break everything you ever depended on, half of them without warning.” Minor version: “we’ll probably break many stuff you depend on, some of them without warning.” Patch version: “we might accidentally some core APIs, but we promise it’s not intentional (or documented).” Knowing that, I still embarked on the grand endeavor of upgrading from Ruby on Rails to What could possibly go wrong, right?

Railway tracks are suspended above the washed out Tank Hill underpass of the Trans Canada Highway 1 after devastating rain storms caused flooding and landslides, northeast of Lytton, British Columbia, Canada November 17, 2021. B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure/Handout via REUTERS
Rails in Canada and on Ruby share (un)surprising similarities (source)

Gear I want and gear I can’t seem to find

The mountain gear I look for the most is: very light but durable protection for my limbs. That means gloves and boots that are as light and breathable, quick-drying as possible so my hands and feet don’t rot in sweat in the summer heat, while being durable enough not to fall apart scrambling over rocks in the Japanese alps.

Rocky route in the Japanese alps (at Nishi-Hotaka)

Clojure vs Java varargs

Variable length argument lists (varargs) have been around since Java 5 (so quite a long while), yet I get the impression that many people either don’t know about this feature or their tools don’t support it. I ran into one of them working with Netty from Clojure and it wasn’t trivial at all how to use them through interop.