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It was almost a running joke among my coworkers that I’d sooner than later die of a heart attack due to a caffeine overdose. Apparently my body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly, if not more – at least so I thought. Since getting 8 hours of sleep would require me to either cut down on working out or go to bed right after eating, and neither of those sound like very good options.

As it always is with substances, resistance builds up, so on bad days I’d need 3 cans of energy drinks just to remain functional (and still far from optimal). I got fed up with that eventually (and judging from the signals, my body too), and I decided to go no-caffeine on my birthday. I didn’t decide how long I’d keep it up, but the bare minimum is a month.

El Salvador Pacamara

The other day I noticed that Starbucks rolled out another coffee, so of course I gave it a try. El Salvador Pacamara (as the name suggests) comes from Central America, where its grown “on the slopes of a volcano”, on the Montecarlos coffee estate. I tend to expect full-bodied and dark roasted, aromatic coffees from the Americas, and Pacamara was no letdown.






Just now I found this nice infographic about the average coffee consumption around the world on facebook, and I just had to check how I’m faring.

Current Worldwide Annual Coffee Consumption per capita

Starbucks Christmas

Today i went to grab my dose of coffee for the coming ~10 days at the local Starbucks, and the whole place’s already in full Christmas mood. I got a sample of their Christmas blend and some “cranberry bliss bar” cookie, with encouraging introduction from the barista girl saying they match really well because of their cinnamon spiciness.

I was a bit confused at first about the “spicy” part when i actually put the samples to the test, since the coffee had a really nice, sweet berry-like aroma, supplemented by a warm and smooth (and indeed with a tint of cinnamon) taste. However, the real wonder came when i munched down the cookie bit too: the two together turned into the all-so-familiar (and all-so-missed) taste of mince pie.

I even considered actually buying a bigger dose of the duo then and there, but alas, i’m not well-off enough to pay 300 yen for a single slice of cookie (and i was buying the beans anyway, though of the espresso Christmas roast).

Starbucks Brazil

I was a bit surprised the other day when i went to the local Starbucks and saw that they have a new special coffee out-it’s been i-don’t-even-know-how-long since they last had one. The Brazil roast or blend or whatever you want to call it is supposedly a mild blend, so i didn’t really have high expectations for it.

I prefer dark, full bodied roasts. Brazil is definitely not one of those, but it smells sweet, almost like honey, and freshly brewed it doesn’t even feel all too mild. Of course it’s not a stinging harsh thing like the French roast, but there’s a however quickly fading touch that i consider the real face of every coffee, that moment when you can feel its aroma all at once.