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Today the Arcarum summons got their fifth release and the associated characters (sages?) have been unlocked as well. They’ve finally raised the weekly/total point limits too, so now I’m less likely to bump into that wall when running the rounds.


Apparently Jinx was added to League three years ago on my birthday! I got her on my crew right away – something that (at the point) hadn’t happened since Vi and until Ekko.

Her amazing video played a big role in this too. It got me interested in the music too, which is how I found the band Djerv (whose vocalist sings Get Jinxed) and similar female-fronted bands, mostly psychobilly.

And if that wasn’t enough to be grateful for, Jinx proceeded to become my main AD (swiftly replacing Tristana) and carried me all the way to silver 2 – and I haven’t been (or cared to try to be) any higher since.

Her Japanese voice is crazy good too, with all the grinning insanity one could fit in one character. Damn now I want to play League again.

Cheers love, air support’s here!

Once upon a time, back in the end of May, there was a KanColle event, one that did more damage than good. In the first place, I’m nowhere near as active a player as I used to be, only doing expeds and daily PVPs, and sortie maybe once in a blue moon when I’m in the mood. The reason is that I got bored with all the random. All the sweat and tears that go into levelling a bote to decent power levels feel meaningless when the next moment the same bote gets oneshot by some ridiculous peon enemy that just happened to crit because RNG.

Guess it’s no surprise that the event was rather a distanced grind on my side than an operation with emotional investment (like some before have been). Of course it’s hard to justify any of my complaints when the entirety of KC’s gameplay revolves around plain old luck, so I’ll just complain about the new air support function.

Stamina limit in games

I’ve always wondered why would games use the stamina limit at all. No, not really. The reason is obvious: let users play some, then make them pay if they want to play more. That makes perfect sense – it’s just that in a world where there are so many ways to waste your time for free, having to pay for it seems like a bit of a stretch to me. If I look at games I got hooked on to and then stopped playing for good, most of them had the stamina limit.






What it means to play a tank is quite apparently not all so self-evident to certain players. (Obviously I’m talking about the wonderful bronzies I’m stuck with for the time being.) A tank is not defined by its item set. You can have all the armor in the world, but if you don’t act like a tank you’ll be just an useless XP hog on your team.

It’s actually quite similar to the job of the support. You must make sure that the enemy team doesn’t kill your carries. Roughly put, the support’s job is that the enemy team can’t kill the carries, while the tank’s job is that they won’t.


Last Friday KanColle was down for maintenance, and I was bored as hell (since the project at work is in the very last stages, there’s hardly anything left to do), I tried out ShiroPro. Formally it’s called 御城プロジェクト (oshiro project, castle project), although it started out as ShiroColle. I guess it’s better to set the game apart from KC, though it’s still compared to it all the time. After all it’s a “collecting” game again, just instead of WW2 warships, this time it’s Japanese castles.



It’s not news in any sense, but I managed to get out of bronze (again) a few weeks back. I ended up there in season 4 – I don’t know if I just screwed up my placements or I decayed down from silver not playing for half a year at all, but I had to work my way out again. It didn’t take as long as I feared it could (I have horrendous luck and always end up with terrible teams when I’m in series).

On a related note, I still had a few people on my friends list who (I guess) I added while I was fighting my way out of bronze in season 3. I’m well aware that I’m not a good player, but when I see people stuck in bronze 5 for years, that lack of any progress is amazing even in my eyes.


Today had two elements worthy of mention: sleeping for hours at work as there was nothing to do and playing Rumble once again. As for the former, I quite literally had nothing to do all day until like 8pm – because of course my superiors just love to suddenly remember that there was this really urgent thing that had to be done immediately, and of course they always recall such tasks when I’d rather be at home already drinking a hot cocoa than at work doing… whatever.

Playing Rumble is still fun, especially since my opponents have quite obviously never seen a Rumble in game. Rumble is the typical champion that I enjoy playing a lot, but am bad at. (Although this latter tends to apply to every champion.) My lag still isn’t improving either. Some games I get good solid under-200ms pings, then the next game I start spiking above 500 with the average climbing above 300. At that point things get really difficult as avoiding skillshots is pretty much out of question.

I’d definitely love to change ISPs, but the way my connection is bundled with my phone contract would make switching a lot more trouble than I’m immediately willing to go through.

What gives

I spent the last week trying to eat in a way to help my insides recover. You don’t know just how unfunny it is to have diarrhea when some green liquid explodes out of you every 3-4 hours. Luckily it’s better now, and especially when I’m sitting on my chair all day doing nothing but playing League or KanColle it stabilizes even more.