Observing my own behavior I realize that I tend to get “addicted” to things. For example last year it was League in the early months and interior design after getting back from Pakistan. Of course it’s on top of my generic routine of going to the gym and hiking, climbing and/or snowboarding, but it also means that it takes a huge amount of effort to focus on anything else. Even if I want to code up some of my ideas, I’d end up playing ranked for hours or looking up reversible interior hacks for my tiny flat.

For the past few weeks the ongoing addiction has been playing the bass. I don’t know why it suddenly clicked so hard (since I’ve owned a bass for over a decade now and practiced some riffs on and off) but it did. It’s been since I graduated (and thus stopped playing actively) that I had calluses on my fingers. My sense of rhythm is still trash, but even when I was in the music club it took two years to develop that, so no rush there.

This time though I picked up an audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) so that I can hear and record better. I’ve often seen Youtube musicians joke about “the first time you hear yourself recorded” and damn it’s true. The bad is real. But I guess that’s what makes the progress of learning new stuff so enjoyable.

Just a casual idea

I haven’t read the manga of En-en no Shouboutai, only enjoyed some of the anime, but here’s one idea. In episode 10 there’s a scene of the sun setting… except we know with maps that the camera is located in Tokyo.

Now give it a thought. A sunset from Tokyo with Tanzawa in that direction (a point of view familiar to anyone who’s driven out on the Chuo highway) means that there should be Mt Fuji in front of the sun there. Except there isn’t. Maybe it’s a cloudy day? Doesn’t look so bad really.

So then… If there’s no Mt Fuji, where did it go? In a world of “fire everywhere” I wonder where a volcano could possibly go. Maybe a small little eruption? Marginally cataclysmic?

Discovery weekly

I appreciate Spotify’s regularly changing playlists. I have trouble keeping my daily playlists in any shape (they tend to converge on way too similar music), but I like the Discovery Weekly and the Release Radar a lot.


A few years back, when I think it was still only being crowdfunded, I got myself a pair of the Norlan whisky glasses. I cracked one sometime later and lost the other one to a fall from the countertop last week. By sheer coincidence though, last fall I clicked on their email about their steel tumbler, which is about the same shape as the glass glasses were, except steel. Meaning hopefully I won’t be able to break it. It also arrived just in time (literally the day after I broke the second glass). Cheers.

Casually back climbing

Nowadays I mostly go indoor climbing to a gym in Ogikubo. It’s about 20 minutes by bicycle, which is usually not a problem, except today the promised cold weather hit with subzero temperatures. So that I don’t freeze on my ride, I put on the headband head warmer thing I got when I had dreds (so it hadn’t had much of a role in the past decade) and some fuzzy gloves.

The climbing itself went about as well as expected. I managed to send a new 5Q, and as one of the walls were rebuilt just today, I also managed to snatch the first send on some of the easier routes. I didn’t have enough strength left in me to clear the last two 6Qs, so instead I was doing rounds on easier routes I’d sent before. As a result I managed to shred both my pinky fingers (that hasn’t happened in a good while), but some tape solves that.

Művészet télen

Három kiállításra jutottam el a mostani hazautam során. A pécsi Csontváry múzeumot és a Szépművészetiben az El Greco és az absztrakt kiállítást.

Kezdem azzal, hogy a Csontváry abszolút nem fogott meg. Egyszerűen primitívnek éreztem, pár kivétellel (mint például az almát hámozó öregasszony), de a kivételek sem jutottak messzire. Végig az járt az eszemben, hogy a Shin-Hotaka felvonó folyosóira kiakasztott, 12-14 éves iskolások festette tájképek ugyanez ha nem jobb színvonal.

Az El Greco kiállításon legalább átéreztem, hogy miért akkora durranás. Mindig érdekes belegondolni, hogy a reneszánsz művészei mekkora ugrás voltak a megelőző ezer év stagnálásához képest. Személy szerint a Szeplőtelen Fogantatás két változata ragadt meg. Főleg a Mária lába alatt és a kép felső részén tömörülő morbid baba-angyal fejek, de igazából az egész kép ugyanazt a benyomást tette, mint az Evangelion vad vallásos ikonográfiája. Ugyanaz a nyomasztó hatás, mint a tavaly mémmé vált “bibliailag hiteles” angyalok.

Az absztrakt festészet iránt Vonnegut Kékszakáll című könyve keltette fel az érdeklődésemet. Aztán valamikor az egyetem alatt láttam a kurashiki Ohara múzeumban egy absztrakt gyűjteményt, és azóta lóg is onnan egy másolat a falamon (ablakomon, részletek). Ugyan a Szépművészeti kiállításának Hantai Simon művei álltak a középpontjában, bennem mégis az hagyta a legnagyobb nyomot, hogy az egyik sarokban eldugva egyszer csak szembe jött egy Pollock. Nagyon sok jó kép volt, reménykedtem is, hogy talán árulnak valamelyikből replikákat, de sajnos be kellett végül érnem egy hűtőmágnessel.

A year of things not working out

Including working out. If only I was joking.

a foggy forest with trees on a hill

Supercharged OAuth scopes with reitit

You might be familiar with OAuth scopes from for example the Github dialog for creating a new access token. You get to choose what the token is authorized to do: can the user manage repos? Leave reviews? Push commits? There are a ton of options. Similarly Mastodon has scopes such as “see favorites” or “post on your behalf.”

padlock on black metal fence

Redis sorted sets are cool

I first saw Redis sorted sets in action reading Mastodon’s source code. Sorted sets are used to store feeds (ignore that ZREVRANGEBYSCORE is deprecated). In a use-case such as Mastodon feeds (timelines), sorted sets come handy because you can “just” add new elements and Redis will take care of the sorting.

variety of fruits displayed on wooden shelf

Configuring MPV

I used VLC for a very long time. No longer. The other day I was watching something and I noticed how dull the colors were. It did fit the theme of the video though so I just assumed that it was a thing, except then I ran into a very colorful screenshot from the same video. What gives? In 2011, when fansubbing was huge, 10bit was the “new big thing.” It encodes colors into 10 bits into the standard 8, which results in much better colors. At least it should, as it seems VLC wasn’t able to handle that.

Example of 10bit difference