2018 in retrospect

2018 was a trainwreck if I judge by the news, but a friend of mine wrote a quite positive post about their year, which inspired me to do the same. One of the first things that come to mind is that I should write about stuff when they’re fresh in memory, because I barely remember what I did last week, let alone last year (though currently the two overlap).

Getting that system dashboard working

Earlier I wrote about how I set up Beats – Elasticsearch – Grafana to visualize the various metrics (and logs, hate me) from Kitsune‘s dev server. There were a few tricky spots that didn’t work at first and took a while to figure out (or at least get working).





System metrics dashboard


ここしばらくは空いてる時間でキツネという分散型SNSを開発している。分散型SNSは一台のサーバーで完結せず、ActivityPubやOStatusといったプロトコルでいろんなサービス(Mastodon, Pleromaなど)とのサーバー間の通信も重要。