#nowplaying, now with Mastodon and Clementine

Once upon a time I made a Python script that posts the music playing in Banshee (Ubuntu) on Twitter. Times have changed and now I use Clementine to listen to music, furthermore I jumped the Mastodon bandwagon too, so I wanted my script to toot too, not just tweet.


MeCab for MySQL on Ubuntu Xenial

I was looking at fulltext search options when I found out that there is a Japanese language-specific plugin to make indexing more meaningful. Japanese doesn’t have word-delimiting spaces, so fulltext usually has a very hard time with it. MeCab uses a dictionary approach to that, in contrast to n-gram which just splits up words into equal sized bits.

Let’s check my MySQL version first… Apparently I have 5.17, which supposedly comes shipped with MeCab. Except it doesn’t, if you use Ubuntu, because apparently dependency rules for the universe repo don’t let them include it. Which is a huge pain in the ass, since I now have to look for the libpluginmecab.so file myself, and finding it wasn’t exactly an easy task.

Sure I’m not very well versed in the workings of open source dev communities, so I’ve got no idea where I’m supposed to look. I figured that if they can’t include that plugin file in the repo, then they might make it available elsewhere. I found it eventually in the community package .deb for the server, so I tried naively just extracting it and putting it in my plugins folder (which is /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/ in my case).


I hate my body

I mean it. I don’t mean it in the emo teen way of being unsatisfied with my body. It’s vexing that my body doesn’t work the way I want it to. And even if it’s got a relatively high uptime, just as with an ISP, if it goes down even just once a week, then that ISP is shit – and my uptime’s not that good.


That S

As you may have noticed, my site is now secured by Let’s Encrypt. They’re an EFF-backed org who provide free certs to encrypt. There’s still plenty of fine tuning to do still, but it’s pretty simple to use so I’m not concerned. In the first place, I’m not familiar with the practicalities of using encryption on my server, so there’s still plenty to learn.



About a year ago, I played so much LLSIF that the earphone jack on my phone broke. The jack is right where I hold the phone and I guess it didn’t appreciate the constant pressure. At the time I only just got the phone so I didn’t feel like returning it for fixing, so instead I bought bluetooth earphones. This proved to be a good choice, since a few months later I started going to the gym every day and not having to carry around my phone to have music is great there.

I bought Jabra Rox, and it’s working just fine to this day. Its batteries last for 2-4 hours depending on volume, which is sufficient for me as I mostly listen to music commuting and in the gym (which totals a little over 2 hours). The sound is all right too. There’s enough bass to satisfy me and the rest works just fine too.