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Doing stuff you don’t like

There are these people who do stuff they don’t like. I don’t get it.

It’s one thing when you just have to do something to survive, even if you hate it (like working some shitty job), but apparently for some people online hobbies are like that too. Yesterday, in response to my earlier post, I was told “you and Xythar have this idea that fansubbing can be compared to like passive entertainment. But that’s you – other people treated it like a job.”

On fansubbing

I just read koda’s post about fansubbing and I couldn’t agree less with it. She claims the same thing she’s claimed already when I showed up on Rizon four years ago: fansubbing is dead as it’s pointless to keep it up with simulcasts all over the place, and people who still stick to it are either delusional in that they can do better than the official, do it for the e-peen and/or simply don’t have a life.

I still call that bullshit.

It can be nice

I almost forgot how nice translating a nice load of stuff can feel. There were seasons when I had my hands full with 3-4 shows a day, but once the spring season ended last year, I started tuning it down, so by autumn the number of my running shows was halved, and last season I only had two ongoing. I was just about to forget how translating even feels (and I just made a fool of myself in front of the HR guys when I failed to instantly write down a word I’ve never (sic) used in writing before), so driven by some sudden urge I cleared a good bunch of episodes this weekend. Felt good.


In the past week I think I watched more anime than otherwise in a whole year. I finished Strike Witches, i watched Railgun, Code Geass (both seasons) and Steins;Gate.

As a result, my biorhythm is an ugly mess. I’m actually making some “effort” to sleep at more healthy times for more healthy intervals, but of course that’s easier said than done. Especially when thursday nights i’m translating three shows – it was originally two, but for a few weeks now the translator for Sasami has been busy with school (i think), leaving me in charge of the show.

Aegisub 3.0 on Ubuntu

After the Ubuntu distro update to Pangolin of course more stuff broke at first than were fixed, Aegisub being one of them. I had 2.1.9 before, but since the svn trunk is already the 3.0, i rather grabbed that than the older version (r6737). Installing, I was (of course) again faced by the annoying wxWidgets errors during configure.

For 2.1.9 I just worked around it somehow, but this time something snapped and i just got wxGTK 2.9.3. If only it was that simple… I had lots of problems with both wxGTK and Aegisub, but after a day or so I managed to get it working with help from an Aegisub dev.

For wxGTK: ./configure -with-opengl -enable-debug -enable-debug_gdb -enable-debug_cntxt -enable-stc, then after the install also run ldconfig. Then for Aegisub: ./configure -enable-debug.

I had to use the debug options, because we were debugging it, but i think it should work without them.


No, i’m not an encoder. And it’s apparent. Not to mention i’m using linux, so it’s not even as simple as grabbing a random Free MPEG-2 To H264 (30 days trial) (not malware) (confirmed download) and hope it works.

Problem is that when i record Phi Brain, sometimes there’s this weird show before it, and i end up recording a few minutes of that as well because of the safety margin. However, that show is aired in 4:3 instead of 16:9 and i think even the audio encoding might be different, not to mention the switch messes up all the headers possible, so no players are willing to open it (the only one that could open it was actually WMP and honestly, i’d prefer not having to reboot to Windows or using a virtual machine).

Me the fansubber

It’s been a year since after a discussion about what would worth subbing in the winter season, iMon suggested that i help out with Tokimeki‘s Gosick release. Back then i didn’t even know that there was a thing called CrunchyRoll and what simulcasts are, so i joined and translated six episodes for the group, of which 5 were released (and also two of the Megane Kanojo something ova, which never got released).

Even though the slowsub business was obviously not for me (i’d been translating Xros Wars for half a year then, trying to compete with the speed and quality of RyRo), it got me on track, and i applied to gg, one of the few groups that i knew by name, and got in. Then applied to and got in Commie and got recruited to WhyNot, and that’s pretty much how it stayed for a year now.

The best anime of 2011

This year i haven’t really watched any anime i wasn’t working on. Luckily i worked on quite a few, so let me just write down which ones i enjoyed the most. Before anyone mentions Star Driver, which is obviously the best anime of the past 4 seasons, i don’t count that as 2011 since it started in 2010.

The first one i worked on was Gosick. I only translated the first five or so episodes, then watched another five or so, and then forgot about it completely. The next was Madoka, which i translated from episode 9 on, and it was fun, but looking back it’s a bit too insane for my tastes. It was the big hit of the year for sure though.

Then came a lot of stuff at once. C, Hen Zemi, Denpa Onna, Blue Exorcist. C could have been the best, because the whole idea and all the economy stuff was very close to me (studying economy), but the story and the ending was crap squared. Hen Zemi was pure fun, and the kind of fun i’d rather not show to kids before they could appreciate it (and thanks to this series i got to know the awesome band 横浜銀蝿), but i can’t really say it was the best. Neither was Ao no Exorcist, which turned out to be a bit too general shonen anime with a very weird ending. I’m still reading the manga though.

Shakugan no Shana 3

So Shana. RHE asked me to do it, and i jumped on the chance of translating such a legendary series, even if i haven’t seen the second season or any of the specials or movies, and it’s been ages since the first season, so i hardly remember anything of it. (Let’s be honest: nothing.) I expected it to be a relatively easy show, but contrary to my expectations it ended up the hardest. After translating the last two episodes of Dantalian without any major problems, i was pretty surprised that i had so much trouble with Shana. It all comes down to that i had no idea of the context, so i was furiously googling for ages by the time i realized the word i can’t make any sense of is a name or a phrase specific to the series. As by now i more or less picked up the vocab and i know what to expect, from the second episode on, the translation mistakes will be all mostly gone (rather not make hasty promises). Not to mention that if i don’t have to investigate for half an hour whenever a phrase like Crimson Denizens or Torch shows up, it’ll be faster too. Don’t give up on me just yet.

Phi Brain

I’m translating Phi Brain for WhyNot. It’s an anime about puzzles, on the NHK Education channel, so before and after the show there are plenty of related programmes too for the kids, all about the various puzzles, the mythical and historical references in the anime and so on. The main characters are all there during the opening song, and from the first two episodes i have a rough idea of where the story is headed in the first ten or so episodes, but i really can’t even guess how it’d progress after that.

The script is easy, so if i screw up something, i honestly apologize. Also, this is the first show i work on to have the lyrics for the opening and ending songs in the captions.