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America, please don’t elect Trump

The news broke that Kasich is pulling out of the race, leaving everyone’s favorite tiny-handed candidate Trump as the only contestant of the retard republican nomination. Please don’t elect him.

I’ve got some funds saved and I was planning to invest them over the 5 year span of the NISA (tax-free small-scale investment) program. It allows for a maximum of 6 million yen investment over five years, 1.2 million max each year, and I intend to use this chance as much as my job (my pay) allows.

I’m not that concerned about Brexit. Even if it happens, it’s gonna be a momentary shock, and the global economy will recover at most in a year or so. But if Trump is elected – and remember, this is a “businessman” who managed to go bankrupt with a fucking casino – then the world economy will face consistent, destructive incompetence over four years non-stop. Four years that happen to coincide with NISA.

So please, for the sake of my selfish monetary interests, please don’t elect Trump.

US in the arab world

Nowadays when I’m reading online, it’s either Quartz, Bloomberg, The New Yorker and/or twitter. Just earlier today I was browsing through the news on Quartz when something interesting caught my eye.

Web of lies

It goes just as I expected, as much as I hate to say that. What we know for sure is that someone shot down a Malaysian passenger plane over east Ukraine using a surface-to-air missile. Thing is, whoever did it, they could never admit it.

Responsible democracy

If you keep forcing people to make decisions they can’t possibly make reasonably, don’t expect any reasonable results either. This occurred to me while reading an article on The Atlantic about fixing intersex babies with surgeries. Parents are asked (or even urged) to decide whether or not to do the surgery, even though even the doctors don’t have an exact knowledge of what consequences it may have. Then how can anyone expect laymen parents to make that decision responsibly?

Article 9

I won’t pretend that I completely understand all the implications of the announced reinterpretation of the Japanese constitution’s article 9, the so-called “peace clause”. But I can guess the reasoning someone well-phrased in geopolitics would give for it.


Pont az imént szóltam megint valami nagyon nem szépet kis hazánkról, és mivel ez mostanában elég gyakran előfordul, végeztem egy kis önvizsgálatot, nem vagyok-e hazaáruló (stb).


I’ve read a few tweets just now that made me think. America’s war on terror? Don’t make me laugh. English is supposed to be the USA’s official language, right? Then how can you mess up such an elementary preposition?

It’s not a war on terror, it’s a war of terror.

As for SOPA

That’s the big topic now on the net. The american government and their stupid laws trying to stop people from violating flawed copyright regulations. Copyright and the whole patent system as it is now is fundamentally flawed, because their purpose is different from what it should be.

It might not have been that apparent before, but now that the internet increased the world’s information flow many many times, it’s obvious that regulations are not written to protect intellectual property (eg someone else claiming that they created something that you created) but to protect the profits of the people owning that property.

Music piracy and stuff

I had to write a report of roughly four-five pages for one of my english classes, and this is what i ended up with. The topic is as the title says, online music piracy and its supposed and real effects on the industry. I know it’s not such a great writing, but derp.

Cenzúrázzuk a netet!

A kínai Arany Pajzs projekt hivatalos célja, hogy a kínai népet megvédje az internet és az imperialista média káros hatásaitól. Gyakorlatilag ez cenzúrát jelent. Pedig milyen szépen is hangzik! Megvédeni a gyerekeket, hogy véletlenül se találjanak lovaspornót a neten, elkapni a neten szervezkedő terroristákat, még mielőtt tényleg bajt tudnának okozni…

Nemrég olvastam a Little Brothert, úgyhogy egy kicsit megijesztett, amikor Szalai főpapnő bejelenti, hogy korlátozni akarják az internetet. Óvatosan fogalmazva azt válaszolnám erre, hogy korlátozd anyádat, de ennél talán sikerül kulturáltabbat is kihoznom magamból.

Azt mondja, hogy “az internetet mindenhol szabályozzák”? Lehet. De nem arról van szó, hogy az internetszolgáltatókkal letiltatják a Kurucz.infót, mert az csúnyát mondott Viktor atyánkra, hanem a generált forgalom szerint próbálják megakadályozni a ddos és hasonló támadásokat. Elvileg. Bár a Little Brother óta a “nyugati példát” se feltétlen érzem halálbiztosnak…