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Download Japan 2019

To sum up Download’s experiment with expanding to Japan: good artists, meh sound. The lineup was truly, truly outrageous: Amaranthe, Man with a Mission, Halestorm, Arch Enemy – just to name those who brought me to Makuhari. The headliner Judas Priest are legends (if aged) and some may consider Slayer music too (I have trouble in that regard).

SEX冠 in 京都MUSE




The other day i went to Osaka for the second Opeth gig since i’m in Japan (the first was back in 2009), and it was awesome. Although back when the Heritage album came out, i wasn’t exactly happy with it, since then it grew on me, and i didn’t mind all that much that many of the songs at the show were from that album.

It was nice to have more quiet songs, songs when the people around me didn’t want to mosh (i don’t think Opeth is the kind of music you’re supposed to mosh to), but when i heard the first sounds of Face of Melinda, Heir Apparent or the Grand Conjuration, my heart skipped a beat. Ghost Reveries is still my favorite Opeth album, so i was very happy that they played at least one song off it.

AC/DC @ Saitama Super Arena

I had high hopes. AC/DC is not one of my favourite bands, because most of their songs are the same, but i still know all of their old albums, and even listened to Black Ice--once, and that was more than enough. Still, as old school rock’n’rollers, i expected them to deliver a frenetic show, making me want to jump all the way to the stage and sing full power. Tremendous fail.

First, there was no show. At all. Hardly any visual effects, the lights were way too simple and/or not matching to provide any real experience, most of the projected effects were simply lame, the stage equipment, such as the intro train, the sickly disgusting Rosie doll, with the exception of the cannons for the finishing song For those about to rock (which, in my sense, should’ve come first), looked totally low quality and off. Bassist Cliff Williams and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young were standing all the time beside the drumset, playing, only going in front to their mics when they had to for backing vocals.

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR @ Club Quattro Shibuya

Today after an afternoon of pretending to practice the songs (it wasn’t going nowhere as well as i wanted to, though i can play most of it, just mess up the rhythm all the time, and considering i’d be the rhythm guitar, that’s quite troublesome), having a really filling lunch and watching the seventh episode of the fourth Skins season, which i must tell you all, is very shocking, like very, but i’m not ms Scoledario (i was surprised that she dated O’Connell irl as well) to spoil everyone, you should just watch it, so after all this, i hurried off for Shibuya. I didn’t know where that Club Quattro was, but after finding it, i realised i’ve been in that building (although in the bookstore of the first floors) earlier.

This was my second High and Mighty Color concert. Since the last time, i got to know more of their songs, so in the roughly ninety minutes they played tonight, there was hardly a song i didn’t know. The show was great, the setlist was very powerful with a bunch of new songs, according to band members some songs having been written just for this gig. Of course they played their greatest hits (Pride, Ichirin no hana), and some that are not so much of popular hits, but are closer to me. The atmosphere was good as well, lots of jokes and laughs, which with the music, made this show what it was: great.

One thing that surprised me a lot was that both guitarists played on seven-stringed guitars. I hope they have transcribed for six-strings as well.

November 27

On the 27th of november i went to a concert in Shibuya O-EAST, again. (Same place as the Opeth gig.) This time it was Sex Machineguns, and it was great as expected.

To start with the only bad point in the whole night, it was extremely overamplified, as usual, so i ended up stuffing tissues in my ear. (After the other Machineguns gig in may, i couldn’t hear with my left ear for three days…)

And that’s all the bad points: in every other aspect, the concert The 冠 (Kanmuri) and Sex Machineguns did was simply great.


Tuesday, the seventeenth of november in year 2009, from evening seven o’clock Opeth played a fantastic concert in Shibuya O-East, Tokyo. They played for two great hours. I can’t list all the songs in the setlist, but they mostly played songs i knew, with a few from the older records i’m not so familiar with.

Not only the music was great, as expected from (in my opinion) one of the best active progressive bands, but between songs Åkerfeldt’s hilarious comments made everyone laugh too. (It turned out Opeth renamed themselves Swedish manboobs, i’ll have to re-tag my mp3 library.)

High and mighty color

Now i have a bit of time to blog the events of the past (last?) week. On tuesday, a concert, a great one of that for sure. High and mighty color in the Liquidroom of Ebisu.

I was a bit sceptical about how the gig will turn out before because, to be honest, i only knew one song of them, the former Bleach opening and hit single Ichirin no Hana. Well, i regret that now. This band is no longer a small garage-rock band with a great girl vocalist and nice ideas, but they really gave the impression of being real professionals by now. Really surprised me.

Same, the volume of the gig surprised me as well – although a totally japanese concert, it was not overamplified. It was loud, but just as loud where it’s simply just loud, and not painful. Not to mention, roaring sound power matches this music. Since then i listened to a lot of their songs, and decided that if they happen to have such cheap gigs around here any time soon, i’ll sure to be there.

I don’t know the exact tracklist of the concert, but they played all of their great hits, as far as i remember, and for my great joy, Ichirin no hana as well. Turned out to be an unexpectedly great gig.

Progressive live 2009, yesterday

In Kichijoji’s Silver Elephant there’s a series of concerts every year, titled Progressive live. In may i went to a concert there, which headlined the same band as yesteday’s: TEE (The Earth Explorer), a japanese flute-fronted progressive rock band. Yesterday the other two bands were the japanese Baraka and their friends from France, Eclat.

TEE was as good as expected, they played a new song as well, and they had the only vocals on the whole evening, in Col de l’Iseran (though not much of lyrics, but vocals anyway). Baraka was a surprise for me, i expected something louder and wilder than TEE, but instead got a really quiet, more jazzish, more Pink Floydish music. Eclat were really as pro as Yoneda Katsumi, the guitarist of TEE said they would be. They had a lot of fun on stage, they played great and longer than i’d have guessed from the japanese standards.

Naturally the whole evening was just as over-amplified as expected in this country, but after stuffing half a tissue in my ears i could avoid permanent hearing impairment (?). This evening definitely worth the money and the time – great concerts.


A péntek esti buli nem volt rossz, de nem hagyott mély nyomot… Elvoltunk hajnalig aztán elvonultam aludni és valahogy egy óra magasságában már életképesnek éreztem magam annyira, hogy eltekerjek Chofuba kaját venni – amit meg is tettem, csak épp otthagytam vagy négyezer jent. Cserébe jókat vettem, mindenféléket, de a hűtőbe már alig fértek be…