Month: October 2005


Költöztetem a blogom … a régi, UWs valenet tárhelyről áthoztam ide, és tervbe van véve a két hónapnál gyakoribb jelentkezés. A domain regisztráció, most, amikor ezt írom még folyamatban van, de egy héten belül működni fog a dolog – alig várom!

Ma este koncertre megyek (Macskanadrág + Prosectura), nagy buli lesz, annyi szent!

Néhányan bizonyára észrevettétek, hogy itt van angol nyelvű blog is – érdemes néha abba is beleolvasni, mert a két blog tartalma közel sem egyező!

Three-and-a-half-th post

This is no real new post since i’m writing nothing interesting – at least i don’t plan so. What happened? i’m over my monthly maximum data traffic with 10 gigs, so my bandwith is limited to 10% until month’s end ^^. Shame. Other… next week i’ll have the autumn break but until then i’m sure to make at least one post, perhaps even more. Then… i’ve been making a poll engine for Digimon Backup, coz the old one broke down. It’s almost complete, only the user-remembering part is to be done now and the testing. Also the CuteNews news system for Anime Dragon died too, i just don’t know why (and naturally it brought all the previous posts with it into oblivion). In my spare time i’m reading a book from Jenő Rejtő, a collection of his novels. It’s much better than i first thought. I watched naruto 156, it seemed extremely short, nothing particular happened. I don’t want to spoil you so just watch it. … … Nothing more, really. If something new comes across my mind, then i’ll tell you. Oh yeah, i think i’ll begin writing another book. The third. I think i should first finish the previous ones, but … ah well, i’m crazy ^^


ps. this should be a real 4th post, since i accidentally did write something interesting ^^

Third post ^^

OK, this time i gave this title for fun ^^. Umm… i had fun. Eg yesterday there was my cs teacher began yelling at us coz we were smiling while we were waiting for her. LOLz ^^. We nearly suffocated of holding back the laughter. *thinks* I think i like this LJ thing… everyone has one, and my other blog is in hungarian so i don’t think many of you could understand. BTW, is anybody reading this, or am i writing just for myself? *wonders*

Anyway, i go now, and … i think i’ll have to do my english homework :'(

*disappears in a swirl of shadows*

Second post

Well, maybe I could’ve made up a more original title, but there’s a fact that I’m lazy… I guess later on this post I’ll stop writing “I” in capital, and so on. Thanks for adding me, you friends of mine who added me ^^. I don’t know yet how often will I make posts here, but never worry, it may come across my mind every month at least once ^^… I don’t have anymore news for now, so good night everyone, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite ^^ (quote from Toy Dolls)!

First post

It’s already pretty late so I just want to welcome everybody at my LJ blog and … mostly, that’s all ^^

I’m most sincerely,



Na megint itt vagyok… Holnap van a szülinapom, hehe! Juppí!

Nem sok írnivalóm akad most, bocs… érjétek be annyival, hogy élek!