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Cheers love, air support’s here!

Once upon a time, back in the end of May, there was a KanColle event, one that did more damage than good. In the first place, I’m nowhere near as active a player as I used to be, only doing expeds and daily PVPs, and sortie maybe once in a blue moon when I’m in the mood. The reason is that I got bored with all the random. All the sweat and tears that go into levelling a bote to decent power levels feel meaningless when the next moment the same bote gets oneshot by some ridiculous peon enemy that just happened to crit because RNG.

Guess it’s no surprise that the event was rather a distanced grind on my side than an operation with emotional investment (like some before have been). Of course it’s hard to justify any of my complaints when the entirety of KC’s gameplay revolves around plain old luck, so I’ll just complain about the new air support function.

Stamina limit in games

I’ve always wondered why would games use the stamina limit at all. No, not really. The reason is obvious: let users play some, then make them pay if they want to play more. That makes perfect sense – it’s just that in a world where there are so many ways to waste your time for free, having to pay for it seems like a bit of a stretch to me. If I look at games I got hooked on to and then stopped playing for good, most of them had the stamina limit.

KanColle Indian Ocean event

This year’s spring event we had to conquer the Indian ocean. The devs announced beforehand that it’d be a relatively large-scale event, so I made sure I had enough resources this time.

Spring 2015 KanColle event end-screen

One more down

While the event managed to provoke me, I still managed to put an end to it in four days. That’s way less than what it took to finish the spring or even the summer event, and fall was much lighter on the resources too.

KanColle 2014 fall event cleared


I’ve kinda reached a state of zen regarding KanColle. A troubled zen, I must admit, but still. It can’t upset me anymore with a few lucky crits and not being able to land the final hit on a boss is just a minor frustration. But the bullshit it just pulled on me was something I’ve never seen before.

Day Night


First of all, I’d like to send out a huge “fuck you” to the devs who came up with the idea of forcing us to take subs to a map full of ASW ships.

The monthly quest for 6-1 definitely isn’t worth it either. Its reward is a few hundred ammo topped with an Irako morale booster, but despite sortieing there almost constantly with five level 99 subs, I still couldn’t get the three S victories at the boss required for the quest. I guess it’s a more realistic monthly in the sense that it actually takes a month to clear if you refuse to bucket your subs (because at level 99 a full repair is over 3 hours, which is more than I’d like to wait in general).

I wanted to clear it for September, but I couldn’t get it done in the three days available. Maybe next time. I hate to have quests hanging there in the open.

AL/MI +1

I’m done, it’s official. Just now Kitakami sunk the E6 boss BB Hime with a mighty cutin, thus finishing the event for me.

AL/MI +1


The only issue with E5 is the first fork: going the center way means an immediate abort. I’m not going to risk night battles when an abort means no consumption, only fatigue. Sadly the success rate is still painfully low, under 50% for sure.


I’m not the one to keep logs of big events and I couldn’t care less about anniversaries, so I don’t remember which day it was exactly that I got out of AL. Not that it changed much.

MI is definitely much easier, but it costs tons, and it’s not less annoying with its troll routing and occasional crits. Of course when I clear a map in a few hours that’s a joyride compared to when I suffer for a week with two, but it’s still not amusing.

Then again, no sorties in KanColle ever are.


I’m not willing to give up, but I’m down 35 buckets and I only managed one boss kill on the very first map of the summer event. This isn’t a promising start.