Month: January 2006

Writing again

Surprise surprise, i’m writing here again and again against all expectations. Belated, i’d like to wish you a happy new year and even more belated a merry christmas and even even more belated a happy school start and … oh well.

Also you should sometimes check on my LJ blog coz (once more against all expectations) i’m updating that too…

Shall i tell you of what happened to me since i last posted? Well, a lot. Midyear came and passed in school, for me with grades a bit too bad for me, but that happens with the best too… My today’s program seems to become learning biology hard, coz tomorrow is a great test (again).

I caught a cold, hope i can prevent it from getting serious before it gets serious =).

I’m in a slowed state of mind, but still,


Me here again

Surprise-surprise! Me writing again! Never thought this would happen, right? =)

Well, it’s happening, but i have no idea (as usual) what to write so i’ll just write what comes through my mind (as usual), for example: a train =)

Soon a really good film will begin on the tv and i’d like to watch it so i’ve to type fast – don’t be angry for any typos…

I wonder how long will i survive… not very long that’s sure. compared to the universe i wonder how old could i get… in the hitchhiker’s guide marvin in the end was three times older than the universe thanks to continuous time-travelling =) i don’t wanna live that long, just long enough to get bored with life – which won’t happen very soon seeing how fun my life is (sometimes), except when it is not (like somewhen), and with great friends on my side, and love spreading all over everyone this state will prolong =)

i know i’m typing nonsense but i’m dead tired for today again i played pingpong in school for about 6 hours almost continuosly … i can’t spell that word right LOL… so, i’m tired, and my brain is kinda playing with me, and in addition, i’m reading Dracula and somone just got sucked dry and turned into a vampire (hard work it was, for sure), so my night rest is assured (i can sleep extremely well with bad thoughts in my mind before going to sleep).

been listening to disturbed and iron savior all since i arrived home.

today we got our maths tests out, i got a four (5 is the best), pretty good seeing half of the group got 2 =) well yeah. i know i’m a hidden (or well shown) genius, no need to tell or i should say i am not, which is a lie but i must be modest =P

It’s 9pm right now i finish writing this. farewell, thou visitors o’ mine. good night, sleep tight (from bitten by a bed bug by the toy dolls – so i don’t know how it’s spelt)

I remembered!

I just remembered i had this blog =)

So I’m posting once more. Dunno, i think i’ll only wish you a happy new year! Sorry that i missed wishing you a merry Christmas too, but this blog wasn’t in my mind back then… So. I hope you had a nice party at new year’s eve or spent that time with your family, haven’t been very drunk or done anything foolish. I hope your holidays were at least as good as mine.

I’ve got some problems, some are very annoying, like DB’s and AD’s host (uw) decided that they don’t provide popup ads any more, only that banner which ruins all my layouts and is also disgustingly big. I’ll have to move my sites i think.

My favourite and only forum i visit and i like, has also came to a critical point. Ppl are leaving and hating each other (that’s a big word, knowing that the current admin (the last one had resigned due to personal reasons, intriques and such) is only 11 years old…), mods abusing their powers and banning everyone they wish. That’s what happens to every board i go to it seems ='(… The OD forum has become active thanks to Dorumon and me, and then it died coz of spammers. It’s now seems to get better and better but i don’t think i’ll ever return there… Seems so i’m a bad omen to forums…

I decided to update and upgrade a lot, now i don’t have time at all =) Yeah, i like to harden my own work unwillingly… I want it to become a great and great site, and i will make it so.

I can’t wait for the 6th harry potter to come out finally in hungarian, and also the second part of the newest gergő book, that maybe the few hungarian readers of my blog may know.

Too bad the snow molt already… Hope more’ll fall in this winter coz i haven’t been out in the snowy wilds yet, and i don’t wanna go into the spring without that experience this year… Who knows? maybe i’ll go up north to somewhere scandinavia or syberia and freeze there like a mamuth =)

Have i ever written so much here? Don’t think so =)…


Hát ja megint egy hetes késéssel köszönök be =) Boldog új évet mindenkinek aki van olyan *** (tetszőleges melléknév behelyettesítendő), hogy a blogomat olvassa! Remélem nem rúgtatok be nagyon, nem csaltátok meg életetek szerelmét, nem csináltatok egyéb hatalmas marhaságot, de azért jól teltek az ünnepeitek. Legalább olyan jól mint nekem.

Alig várom a két hét múlva esedékes Helloween koncertet (persze az ősök még nem tudnak róla, de nem akarom előre lelombozni magam…), nameg a hét múlva esedékes GS-érkezést…

Az nagy bosszúságomra kavart valamit ami miatt visszatért a gigászi (50-60px) reklámcsík és eltüntetni se lehet máshogy csak ha veszek hozzá domaint. Tanácstalan vagyok a DB-vel kapcs. … Költözhetnék CJB-s tárhelyre de úgy vagy egy nap mire mindent átpakolok, és még azt is reklámmentesíteni kéne. Átrakhatnám a is, de akkor túl hosszú lenne a cím… Szal nincs ötletem. De mint mindent ezt is megoldom valahogy…