Month: May 2016


Szerencsére az utóbbi években annyira nem kínoz az allergia, mint régen. Február-március környékén vadul tüsszögök, de különben az év nagy részében hajlandóak normálisan működni a nyálkahártyáim. Egy kivétel viszont van, amitől mindig betaknyosodok: a por.

America, please don’t elect Trump

The news broke that Kasich is pulling out of the race, leaving everyone’s favorite tiny-handed candidate Trump as the only contestant of the retard republican nomination. Please don’t elect him.

I’ve got some funds saved and I was planning to invest them over the 5 year span of the NISA (tax-free small-scale investment) program. It allows for a maximum of 6 million yen investment over five years, 1.2 million max each year, and I intend to use this chance as much as my job (my pay) allows.

I’m not that concerned about Brexit. Even if it happens, it’s gonna be a momentary shock, and the global economy will recover at most in a year or so. But if Trump is elected – and remember, this is a “businessman” who managed to go bankrupt with a fucking casino – then the world economy will face consistent, destructive incompetence over four years non-stop. Four years that happen to coincide with NISA.

So please, for the sake of my selfish monetary interests, please don’t elect Trump.