I never thought anyone would check on my LJ… well, it was quite surprising, when my friends, one another asked me “why don’t you update your LJ?”

And i always had to say the same: because i bought myself a domain, installed a blog there and using that. Well, that’s the reason. I hope you’re not too much annoyed coz i forgot to tell you =)

BTW, the domain’s: www.valerauko.net.

If something doesn’t work there, rest assured, i know about it. It’s just i have limited time to work on my sites and therefore there are some problems taking long to fix. Sorry about that.

But maybe i’ll update this LJ too. Maybe. I can’t promise anything coz i have a bad habit to forget everything =). Don’t worry it’s not serious. Oh, if someone wants hosting at my site (nearly everything accepted), just mail me. Well yeah. As soon as i fix the webftp, you can come.

See you.