The long title covers nothing more than what it says. I think. On sunday i’ve been roaming in town and around town in the forests, just because i felt so. I took some pics, but i’m not quite much satisfied with them, so i’m not sure if i’ll ever post them online. Maybe once, when “day and dream unite and the end is near” (And then there was silence by Blind Guardian). It was a nice way to spend a day though – i got lost once in the forest, or at least, i knew that going further would surely cause that, i drank a really interesting cafe and ice-cream mixture at the best place in town, and went to the top of the world – well, at least, the top of the town, or something like that. I think i learned a lot that day, too bad i’ve already forgotten what i’d learnt, or just i can’t remember it.

And what will come on the day after tomorrow? I’m going to buy the books for my very last compulsory school term. Interesting, i wonder how it’ll feel. Will write about it for sure.