Right now i was standing in front of the balcon door, staring outside into the darkness. I was drinking water, from a 1.5 litre pet bottle. I was standing only in shorts, as i’m heading now to the baths. Just so that you know my circumstances. Outside, the clouds’ edge were glittering with the sunshine, giving their dark silhouettes bright borders. And then, as i looked over towards the street, i saw a street light shimmering across the foliage of the bushes in front of the house. The real thing came after that: somehow i focused back to the glass of the door, thus realising that that light shone exactly where my eye’s reflection was on the glass. Just as if i were some otherworldly creature, in a human’s body. Or something like that. But it really felt demonic, my face transparently reflected by the glass and that light shining bright where my eye should’ve been. Who knows?