Our teacher told us to write a diary about the events out here in the states, so that we could later show it to others and such. Well i decided to write that “diary” into my blog, since this one’s quite much like an online diary after all.

Monday was like hell. Ok, that’s not really true, but still. It’s been two hours car drive to the airport, then waiting two hours, flying ten hours, running two hours, flying three hours, and only after that arrived we at O’Hare international airport of Chicago. I fell asleep as if i’d been hit. Sure, i had a quick shower to get the “dust of the road” off me, but after that… i slept like a dead man for eight or so hours. It’s really not easy to get used to this huge time difference. Actually, it’s seven hours later here than at home (so right now here it’s only a few minutes past eight pm).

What our day’s been? Great, i can say. All that scary stuff about the weather was wrong. It’s very warm and sunny here, almost so much as at home in summer. Lucky i brought my sunglasses, but i’ll have to buy myself shorts, ’cause that i didn’t bring along. All right, no one thought we’d get this summerish weather here!

Today we attended some classes with our partners, so i had a spanish, an art and a KAM class. Oh, KAM stands for Kick Ass Maths – i can’t really agree with that, since that so great “kick ass” thing consists of stuff we learnt years ago. Sure, because of that, it’s not easy, to be honest. I don’t remember any of that stuff now. Spanish was fun too, with my addiction to learning languages. I learned possessive pronouns (mi(s), tu(s), su(s), nuestro(s)/nuestra(s), vuestro(s)/vuestra(s) (ok, i had to look up this one), su(s)) and such, i somehow by maybe godly suggestion figured it out that “our red books” would be “nuestros libros rojos”. Cool. I want to learn spanish anyway sometime.

In the morning naturally we were led around school and showed a movie about Payton, got our school ID cards and we had breakfast – surprise-surprise – on the roof. We could see the Hancock tower from there, which we visited after school. It’s very, very tall, could see very far from it’s observatory (94th floor). Fun. We went to some mexican fast-food restaurant then and took a train and bus home. That was quite much interesting too. Every time i walk on to this house, it reminds me of Home Alone 3, one of the favourite movies of my childhood. Does this go for a diary entry? Hope so. See you tomorrow.

Honestly, i have no idea when are we getting back home, but if it’s still not too deep in the night at home, try to stay awake to Skype me or something like that.