It wasn’t really nice of me to not to write yesterday after writing such a short nothing on monday. The main reasons were: it was late, i was tired, and it was also a pretty eventless day.

We went to the Navy Pier where all you could do is mostly shopping, so that’s what i did, but not too much, because i didn’t have that much money with me, i only bought things for some people, but i’ll be going back there tomorrow. Today we went to the Field Museum which was really really fun, had loads of things to see there, but i’d have needed lot more time than i had (about four hours)—i could only compare that place to the British Museum. Really a good place for someone like me. I also found out that my month’s birthstone is opal. Interesting. Could someone tell me what that means?

We also went shopping in the afternoon, checked a few stores, and i bought myself a pair of Converse Farley shoes, just because one of my shoes is in a kind of bad condition, and i fear i won’t be able to wear it for much longer. If you are interested, it’s colored like this, and looks like this. I like it. Tomorrow i’ll buy some more presents for those at home, and dine with my relatives out here, whom i’m really interested to meet. We’ll be having an architecture boat tour on the Chicago river, and in the afternoon, we’ll be going to the i-don’t-know-which radio, where we’ll be interviewed about hungarian music and stuff. I really look forward to that.

I somehow get the feeling that tomorrow will be a great day.