In the past days i had three things change around me. This is very much unusual for me, as i hardly ever change anything, not to mention such stuff.

First, i changed my firewall to the Comodo one you suggested. A lot of thanks go out for that.

Then just a day after, i had to change my instant messenger too, as Trillian didn’t want to launch. I tried the Miranda-pack Maerlyn suggested, but it was a bit too complicated for me, though it did look good and it could display what i was listening to in Winamp, i rather use Pidgin now. This one could import my previous chats through Trillian, which is really convenient, and is a bit simpler too.

And on friday, or on saturday, the screen of my cell gave up too. So today my mom caught me and we went to get me a new phone. So, after at least four days, my SonyEricsson T230 was replaced by a Nokia 2626. Nice, but i still have to get used to it.

This is about as far as the change goes…