I’m going crazy, seriously. I think i’m reading too much Vonnegut (Slaughterhouse Five is on the go now), but i don’t care. It’s so funny to get fed up with all this going on around me. I feel the weaknesses, i feel all the limitations of the world, and i hate it. I simply couldn’t break free, because i’m limited too, and as a limitation, i hate that too. Pure logic, kind of the same i learnt today on maths. Sometimes i feel that typical crazy grin crawl on my face. I fear that once someone sees that look on me he’ll be scared for a life (joking). Oh and i’m writing a schizophrenic novel about the rain. You’ll see. I’m planning that to be the first in my book. Hah, i’m really crazy, planning a book, and even more crazy, having dreams. I will live those.