Not yet writing in Russian, but that time won’t be very far either. I’ve just read that phrase in an Ars Technica article, about a security flaw in GMail. That flaw is quite troublesome, because—as the article says—GMail is trusted by other e-mail providers, i guess because its invitation system: the e-mail that’s coming from GMail can’t be very bad. I don’t know the actual nature of that flaw, but it’s something about being able to send as many e-mails via GMail as they want, because a “minor” mistake in the SMTP servers allow anyone, who knows how to exploit that mistake send an unlimited amount of e-mail out to everyone. Since the 95% of total e-mail traffic is spam, this method is really dangerous, because it “bypasses both Google’s identity fraud protection mechanisms and the current 500-address limit on bulk e-mail”. OHNOES.