I’m surprised how much a double espresso can speed me up. Really… A single one could do the job as well, but i was so very sleepy that i almost spaced out while reading Queen Loana so i decided on the double one. Now i’m spinning at top speed, but i have the feeling that as soon as the coffee effect wears off, i’ll fall to sleep immediately. I’m so easily surprised. By stuff i that shouldn’t be surprising at all… Such as how addictive StarCraft can get after a few days—but you can see that much yourselves, if you consider that in the past three days i’ve been at home and still i haven’t blogged at all. It’s sometimes annoying how the computer players can mess me up quite quickly (i know, i know…), but sometimes i do the same… I can’t see any order in this as of now, but i hope i’ll be able to get better as time goes.