You could’ve heard me saying “i hate summer” a couple of times already. That may surprise a lot of you out there, so i should refine that sentence: “i hate the boiling hot of summer”. Consider: when it’s any other season than summer, the weather is all right: it may be cold, it may be raining, snowing, or windy, who cares: you can stay in the house, if it’s so critical, you can wear additional layers of clothes—but what do you do against the summer hot? Nothing. You could travel to northern countries, but that wouldn’t solve the problem, because on the one hand that costs a lot, on the other hand, you’d be a foreigner there, without friends and such. You can stay indoors, if you have an air conditioner or live in a old-fashioned village house, with walls as thick as of a fort, so that it’s conveniently cool inside—but what if you don’t have such a house? Go to the beach and let yourself be boiled. Well, that’s a way to solve it: you don’t try to resist it, instead try to enjoy it. But what if you have some official thing to do, have to wear a tuxedo and wait in front of the office of some clerk for hours, sweating yourself as dry as a mummy. The other seasons are a lot better: in autumn i’m always in crazy love, do fun stuff and usually i only remember the autumns of the years past; in springtime you can do whatever you usually do in summer, only that it’s not that unbearable; and in winter there’s Christmas, there’s snow and it’s cold, you can skate and it’s fun altogether. Summer can be fun too, but i can’t stand the hot.