You know, around the hungarian blogosphere every second blogger is addicted to at least one of the recent american series (House MD, Heroes etc), so i’m more or less familiar with many of them, the titles at least.

Every thursday we have a movie evening in the dorm and tonight we watched at first the Simpsons movie, and after that, since we had still enough time, the very first episode of the series in title, How I met your mother. Even after being exhausted in terms of jokes and laughing my ass off of the movie before, that one episode of about half an hour made me almost fall out of the chair a couple of times. I guess i was not a bit annoying to the others (though we were three altogether), since i laughed out loud on almost every joke–especially the “smurf penis” one (the others didn’t get what a smurf was at first). Seems even a theoretical bit of coffee speeds me up that much.

Since then the first season of the series is in the front of my torrent download queue, though right now not a whole one percent complete.