In the past month usually i’ve been going home on friday and coming back to the dorm monday, but now that changed. Went home only saturday, because of the Sonata Arctica gig friday night, and came back yesterday afternoon, to see a theatre play. I was just surprised how quickly this weekend passed, and then realised that i don’t have anything to do today till eve except the last two pages of a really annoying programming homework, so this is somewhat like weekend still.

I plan on going down to the gym and then working on that thing. I’ll have to comment almost every single line of my programcode, and that won’t be much fun since i’ve written it as compact as i could—thus it’ll need quite a lot of explanation.

I’ll also meet with a past classmate to have a talk about business matters, i think that if we could launch that plan of his, then i won’t be in a financial pinch like now. I try to fix my situation without having to give up any of my important plans (going to that gig on friday, buying myself headphones sometime in the future). Won’t be easy for sure. But if that business starts up as planned, there won’t be any problems for a while then.