That’s a nice word in some african languages, i think zulu, maybe? It’s a nice idea, anyway about the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity (now i’m quoting the Wiktionary page of the word). Anyway, i’m not going into linguistics now, rather into the open source community. I’ve installed Ubuntu, and it works fine and well. Tomorrow will be its grand test when at home i’ll try out if that proprietary driver for my wireless card it installed works as it should. I hope it does. I already managed to share the Pidgin and Firefox profiles between Windows and Ubuntu, though making my heart stop for a few minutes. The Pidgin one wasn’t as simple as with Firefox, i had to add a parameter to the shortcut so that it’d launch with the profile files loaded from the Windows version’s folder (mounted under linux too). But i accidentally typed the “and” in “Documents and Settings” with a capital A—and because of that my Windows profile wouldn’t launch and that scared the deep burning hell out of me. But i figured out what the problem was (it was strange there were two “Documents and Settings” folders, and then i just had to find out which one was the original), so it should work all right now (since then i haven’t launched Win, but i hope it’ll work as it should).

There are only a few disturbing things here, but i’m sure i could get rid of them. First, the music playback with Rhythmbox isn’t the highest quality, so to say. I’m not expecting studio quality, but sounds as if the needle of a record player jumped on a pollution. Any way to get rid of that? And if already in Rhythmbox: how to change the column order in the library? I couldn’t find any details on that on the web (yet) neither in the settings.

An other thing is that the header of the windows (i don’t know what their official name is—it’s the bar with the window title, icon and the minimize-maximize-close buttons) sometimes don’t show as they’re supposed, but instead plain grey or something like that (i guess this is related to the alpha-transparency of the inactive window heads).

Third, how can i disable my synaptics touchpad? I found a description at an Ubuntu blog, but i don’t have the touchpad registered in that config file (xorg.conf) so i couldn’t edit those—and i didn’t dare to enter its stuff in there manually.

The last is: is there a program (application) to easily manage the drives (mounts). The most important is that with it i could easily set a drive to automount. I could only find such that are either as complicated as editing that config file the name of which i forgot, or in fact the manual editing of that file.

You’ve heard our daily linux questions programme. Thanks for your attention.