Today my life’s quite simple. In the morning (well, rathermore the hours neighboring noon) with a friend we went shopping important stuff for wednesday’s party of new year’s eve (that means we bought as many cans of beer as we could), left the stuff at the victim house and tested a few important devices (toilet, cooker, heating, electricity). Before and after that i’ve been playing StarCraft with my nephew, until he left to hang out with friends (man, how will i make a real kyub out of him?), since then i’m studying. Subject’s linear algebra, those of you who studied it could understand why i love it so much (not). I’m playing with linear equation systems, trying to solve them using basis transformations (i hope that’s what it’s called in english), with more or less luck. Isn’t really that so-very-joyful work, but has to be done because next wednesday i’m having an exam of it… Don’t have to say, i could live without it.