I just translated the 203th episode of Bleach and in the afterword it’s stated more or less clearly that fillers are coming. I guessed. They were way too close to the manga, even with the Turn back the pendulum gaiden. That’s how it goes. I won’t really like to take translating jobs in the coming times. I hate to watch fillers. Especially since i’m reading the manga, so i know what’s supposed to be coming. And that rocks. While that whatever party… well i couldn’t care less about it.

Today i fixed the coming layout for IE6 too. Gave me a few minutes pure fun (not). But i still have to optimize for it, because (according to my stats) about every tenth of my visitors uses that. That’s more than i’d ignore. Well, at least when it comes to layout bugs. The resolution stuff doesn’t really interest me. Everyone can scroll, and also, why would anyone use a 800×600 resolution in 2009? Honestly… It’s another thing when it’s about mobiles, naturally i’ll have a separate handheld stylesheet.

And today i closed the autumn-winter semester.