This week i really enjoyed most days… In the evening i was always wondering if all those stuff really happened that day, but yet i’m now at thursday evening and there’s still a day to go. But at least my timetable’s fixed now so tomorrow morning i’ll fix some visits to the dentist—even though i don’t like to go to any kind of doctor i rather do it now than to have more serious trouble with my teeth in Japan.

In an hour a (hopefully) great party is to start here, i can’t wait, finally there’s some life in the dorm. Really a rarity (most of the time it’s a bit too quiet, and extremely boring). Oh, apropos boring, today i had a few… interesting classes. First a programming practice, where i couldn’t help but be annoyed by the way the teacher speaks, with all those nervecracking additional sounds. Then the finite maths practice, which was really interesting, no joke, i can’t really recall any class where i was thinking so much and so intensely and yet so fun. That was later balanced by the law and management class which mostly consisted of monotonously writing down anything on the projector screen, and even though, or because, it was just that, it was so very boring… hard to bear.

The diary of Vale aged 19 and a half, february 12, 2009.