For some reason my sleep tonight wasn’t as resting as it should’ve been. I went to sleep just before midnight, after reading about thirty pages of Alice in Wonderland (which i since then finished), but i couldn’t fall asleep easily. Looking back it seems i was still awake around two am, naturally i wasn’t looking at a clock or anything such that only happens in crime novels, just it felt like ages… It’s strange how similar sleep is to fainting, both comes without you realising much of it. Naturally going to sleep is a bit less uncomfortable than fainting, but to me it seems that they are basically the same, just sleep is a bit more shallow (though i’ve seen (drunken) people sleep so that we couldn’t wake them, just as if they fainted). But not sleeping enough wouldn’t change much in my everyday life, as the past week that’s what usually happens to me. What was more surprising and a lot more annoying that out of 5-6 StarCraft games we couldn’t win a single one (i was playing 2v3, allied with my brother against three computer). Really annoying. Especially that after that i wanted to burn a backup dvd, but it didn’t react to the “Cancel” button and burnt it useless. So i decided to have a tea with some sweets, and maybe watch Yozakura Quartet.