I just can’t get it why they are teaching us all this crap – naturally i think later there will be loads of stuff building on these we (are supposed to) learn now, but such a rational-realist view is no fun to write about. Today was simply dead boring, the only i did and made sense was practising kanjis and reading a novel by Stanislav Lem. Yesterday we had a nice argument? talk? whatever about religions and our views on that matter (man, how officially this “on that matter” sounds!) and my opinion about a couple of people in the dorm changed significantly. There were people i didn’t even know, but i’m used to that. There were people who said stuff that i could only agree with (in the end, we could break most of the reasons of the only one strictly atheist there). In an hour i’ll leave and meet with friends (what a rare occasion!), and who knows what that’ll turn into, knowing them. The only thing sure is that it’ll be fun.

And yesterday i’ve read about a fun thing “Wikipedia names your band” and i tried it, and here’s the result:

The name, the title, the cover.