Just now in the evening i had a walk to check the stores near the station for shower gel (couldn’t find it) (walk because my bike’s front tyre died in the morning), and on the way i decided to write this post, a post about and of the streets. First, there are vending machines everywhere. Most of the time it’s just drinks, tea or coffee, rarely cigarettes. At first i was surprised to see these even in the smallest alleys in the residential areas—then figured that they must be very popular among the natives, so they buy stuff from there even when they’re not in a hurry on the streets, but also when they just feel like at home. I don’t know coffee prices around here, but the ones i got from vending machines were cheap in my opinion (surely cheaper than Starbucks), and had some power as well. Sometimes these machines are the only light on the streets: the public lighting is nowhere as bright as at home. Sometimes there’s none at all, and here i’m talking about Tokyo. I wonder in smaller towns how is it. There i guess one could see the stars. Here only the brightest ones are visible, and the moon. Maybe when the sky is totally clear and looking from a darker spot in an alley, maybe then i could see a few constellations as well. It’s fun i could walk around just staring at the sky without bumping into anything: there are yellow lines on the ground, that one could follow by stepping on them, because they’re embossed (?). I guess it’s designed for blind people, but it’s also useful if you’re a sleepwalker.