I’m dead tired and. I’ve been to school all day, and that still means less than what i had at home, but still it’s exhausting. In this one day we’ve learnt more new grammar than in all the past week and the multicultural communication class was very interesting as well (that’s not something usual). Yesterday was long as well and so was the day before that and so on, but i’m not getting to sleep before midnight tonight either (it’s already pretty close). Why am i tired? After school i fixed the front tyre of my bike. Works all fine, tested it: went with a few friends to a second hand shop in Mitaka. I’ve seen interesting stuff (the most tempting was an electric guitar which would’ve costed under 10000 yen with the amp and sunglasses Sors was asking about just a few days ago), but lucky i had almost no money with me so bought nothing. Then because Rado bought himself there a new table-tennis racket, we started playing, and i finished at ten. A bit exhausting. Especially since tomorrow i’ll have a full day again: in the morning have to wake up early to go get myself some food for the Golden Week, early because i’ll go with the newly (to be) formed debate club somewhere in a park to have fun, then from two i’m having a three-hour-long table-tennis practice with that club, then have dinner with the Hungarian senpai’s (“‘s” indicating plural). And i wouldn’t be surprised if around 11pm someone rang me to go out karaoke… Now i’m left with two emails to respond to and to figure out why my phone wouldn’t let me set the music i sent via infrared from the laptop as ringtone or morning alert. Any ideas?