This was unexpected. Yesterday after school i went around to check out a few thing, and met Theo, Ruso and Kang-san on the way back. They looked so cheerful i had to ask where they were going, and was informed that in Kichijoji they’re doing a girl party.

Then Thiwanka asked if i wanted to “go clubbing” in Shibuya with them (the above mentioned girls, though Theo didn’t show up), and after a short consideration (i’m not exactly the disco king) i still decided to go, since even that’s better than staying home bored. And i don’t regret!

The best (since as of yet only good) disco experience of my life. When we arrived at the place (Atom in Shibuya) i had to realise that neither the music nor the place was my style, but had i not force myself to enjoy it to the fullest i’d have suffered of boredom till morn. This way was a lot better.

We ended up on the techno floor somehow, because that was still the best, and stayed there, in my case almost until five (in the morning). There was excitement too, when my jacket disappeared, but lucky it was just taken to the found items office, but my umbrella indeed was taken by somebody, so i took a similar one in its stead. (It’s about the same, just black not blue.)

It was also a great experience when shortly before i left, the dj mixed in some songs i knew. It was not that much a surprise when it was Numb by Linkin Park, after all it has a pretty electronic beat. But then… a so very familiar tune: Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden! I couldn’t believe my ears at first, but then… it was a really great finish for the party.

And on the way home i became one more bit more japanese, i fell asleep on the train. Since i arrived home from the table tennis training, i’m listening to various electro music from Ishkur’s guide, except when i was downstairs with friends.