Today we went to a kabuki play near to the National Theater, and it was great. The title is as it’s in the title of this post, read Kaka-Saiyuuki. A show outline of the story goes something like Genjou (Sanzouhoushi) is travelling to India, when he and his companions pass a place where only women live… (Side note: kabuki is performed by male actors only.) The queen and his sister treat them well, but they turn out to be spider spirits, and capture the travellers. But Songoku, the monkey god saves them, showing off his great powers. (I think the Dragon Ball Songoku is based off him, so is the Monkey King in the Forbidden Kingdom.) Even though i hardly understood a word of what they said, i got the main idea of what was going on, and it was very entertaining. (Made easier by an english summary of the plot on an info sheet.) Really great experience.