When it proves to have been totally pointless to learn how to think for maths at home, because that’ll just screw me up here. Seems japs think about as much as a screwdriver and only solve the problems like a good robot would do. (Nice one R2D2, you’re getting an A.)

When i try to tell a few kids usually playing in the dorm not to break all the table tennis balls if possible, since we’d like to play sometimes as well, and screw up (again) miserably. Somehow they doesn’t seem to understand the japanese we learn in class at all, so it seems. See, the pros and cons of not being allowed to use any conversational forms in class, just those kind polite stuff i haven’t really heard in conversation at all… in three months…

When the internet only works when it feels like, because some great specialist must’ve set up the router so that downloads go fast like hell (meaning megabytes per second), but loading a plaintext webpage takes like five minutes and a dozen of timeouts. (Not to mention Firefox usually starts to clean its cache (half a minute freeze) when i want to type or submit something.)

And to top it all, it’s rainy season, hot and humid, so much that i’m sweating inward, because the air is already totally saturated.

… or maybe i’m just a bit grumpy from not sleeping enough this weekend.