Today in the morning i went to church. On the way back i found a nice bunch of bamboo chopped down in front of the tree. For the sake of the tanabata, i was thinking about taking one, so i asked the lady nearby and she told me to take as many as i want. I only took one, it was troublesome enough to carry home by bike. A five meter long bamboo with leaves. On the bottom of a steep part i almost got impaled by it, but made it back. I stuck it to the ground near a metal something sticking out of the ground to support it, but naturally the rain and wind blew it over. I went out once to help it back, but no more. Bad luck.

Also, my good old yellow rotring pencil broke. I don’t know how i managed, but the outcome is grave. Furthermore, it’s late, tomorrow i’ll be dead all day, i’m off schedule with studying, i probably still have a presentation to write (hope not), the computer’s stupidities while typing are pissing me off, and i’m sleepy. Please note that the emotionally appropriate amount of swear words would’ve triggered a presumably too negative reaction from the readers, so i stripped them (the words, not the readers).

Happy to present you the pissed-off-ness of tonight.