I’m almost on schedule now. Yesterday i reviewed most of the grammar, but tomorrow afternoon i’ll be busy with the composition about a town or city i like. Guess what, it’s naturally Paris. I love that city… So many memories. But i’m trying not to think any about it until then because i have to prepare for the exam, where i’ll only have 90 minutes to write about something totally unknown. (It’s not even something we learnt about, so i have no idea how i’ll cope with the vocabulary.)

My rice today for lunch turned out strange. I don’t know if it was the rice or the instant don, but it always felt like having a huge pile of dust in my mouth. Strange. Now in the afternoon after the table tennis practice i retired to my room to have shower (i would’ve went with the others to have dinner, but in this weather i’m constantly sweating large scale, and that exponentially worsens if i’m doing sports, not to mention for hours…), did most of the homework (though my kaiwa book is still missing), and something that was intended to be like what Cory wrote about some time ago. A thick pancake, with salad, tomato and egg. In my case it was salad, tomatoes, eggs and yoghurt. (Though next time i’ll drop the plurals.) And i realised i can’t make a pancake. I can’t turn it. I’d really appreciate if someone explained how that should be done. It ended up a bit too much, and the pancake was not only torn up but sweet as well, because i decided some vanilla would fit well—next time i’ll stick to salt i think.

Now i really feel happy, at least what i call happy, though i still have to wash the dishes. And that’s a pain. Tomorrow will be fun. (Guitar.)