Now comes the really fun part: two days of studying. Actually, it will sum up to around one whole day, since today is a half, and so will be tomorrow. That’s how weekends go. But i really need to study, i have about 300 kanji to learn and 300 to review. (Memorizing the kanji just ten minutes before everyday’s tests now backfires, since i forgot most of them just ten minutes after the test.) I’ll just wash the dishes, and head down to the study room with all the necessary tools: books, dictionary, phone (for the dictionary), notes, pen.

Yesterday’s exams were interesting. The composition thingy, as expected, was something very [undefined] (to use JavaScript vocab): five topics given, all focusing on an experience since we came to Japan (good, bad, surprising, regrettable, and one more absolutely freely chosen). I wrote the good one (so did most of the others as well), but i made it up for the larger part… At least i could move my fantasy a bit. The economy basics exam was a joke. Not because it was so easy… First: numbers. Write the population, area and gdp of Japan and your country. Second, describe the connection of gdp and population, focusing on your country. Third, what’s the biggest difference between your country and Japan (not necessarily economy-wise).