I watched the last episodes from How i met your mother, and a couple of Yozakura Quartet (must conclude, though the latter i have not finished yet, that i love these), and now i feel strange, and i have no idea why. Probably because i’m tired, at least it feels so, but at the same time i’m not tired, my brain just feels as if it has to lift some heavy curtain to maintain my conscience, and this effort makes me… Repeat. It’s crazy that while i’m at home i must not engage anything that would just hurt to stop a week from now when i’ll be leaving, and especially anyone, which would be even worse, but it’s so difficult, because it’s easy to be crazy at home, as i know all the way, and it’d just take the “i don’t care” attitude, but then again next day i’d be holding my head and write whiny and extremely crappy posts here about what a damn fool i am. But i rather go and play StarCraft with my little brother cousin (this always sounds like “cuisine” to me, thus i hate to use it) nephew.