Impossible, that i have no post titled “Tired” here, but the dropdown of Firefox didn’t offer it. Whatever. In the morning i set my alarm clock to half past seven, just to start getting used to school from next week. Well, i was surprised when i opened my eyes around ten, without a ring from the clock or anything. Scary, i say. Had breakfast, then fetched the vacuum cleaner for obvious reasons (not those mentioned by a hungarian punk band). Then i was forced to realise that i’m running out of toilet paper (at the best time as usual, lucky i have a spare roll in my backpack all the time (“always” would have been quite misunderstandable in this context)), so i went to the kombini to buy that and milk, which i also used all yesterday. There (in the kombini, not the milk) i met a senpai from pingpong who told me there was a training today not on the schedule. So i went there, although i had no lunch then. Expected two or three hours, ended up four, and after almost a whole month’s break, i must say it was dead tiring, especially in this heat. (Tomorrow if everything goes well we’re going to the shop, in my case to buy a racket.) Then i came home, starving, but i didn’t eat more than a sandwich because Tung (from Vietnam) invited me (among others (it’s scary how good the japanese of those who spent the summer here got)) for a vietnamese dinner they were making. Delicious and filling, i must say (still, i had a banana and a mug of cocoa just to help me sleep). Huyen brought us cookies as souvenir, and i also got a lovely chopstick holder kitten. Thanks! Nya!