I wish they were not. In the meaning that the idea of their existence or their being brought into existence would have been flushed down the toilet with a pile of what usually is flushed down the toilet, and a huge amount of very effective sodium hypochlorite (hypo), just to kill the surviving remains of such a ruinous thought. The politics-economics one was a catastrophe and not just for me. It was funny though that exactly because i thought it’d be dangerous i asked the teacher the day before if there is a chance that the exam will have calculations and numbers in it, and he said no… Of course it was fun that half of the exam consisted of calculations and stuff like that (not to mention more or less having to quote the constitution of Japan, which is not easy to understand in english either, what a surprise from lawyer-language)… For the other parts the problem was that although i knew the answer but didn’t have the sufficient wordpower… Whatever. I didn’t want to stay in Tokyo after this year anyway, but i very much hope that with this i could still get into Osaka or Hokkaido (former for the concerts, latter for the weather and the ainu). The listening wasn’t difficult, actually we did lot worse in class. Then maths, which except for immense stupidity miscalculating stuff, wasn’t that difficult either. (True, i like calculus anyway, much more than for example trigonometry.)