The power of America. Where is the culture that could at least withstand the amazing pressure from the States? I mean that now the world’s too concentrated there. The official “stars” of “popular music” are the “stars” of the american scene, enough to check for the most popular bands, and in the very top, i always see those bands i’ve only heard the name of, but don’t know how or when they popped up. Maybe, i’m just not keeping up with music news (very true, i don’t really know any good global music news website that could tell me about the stuff i need—be it from Europe, Asia or America), and only know about the bands i listen to (also true). Or is it that is american as well, so they only focus on their own market, and also that users from other countries use it lot less, thus can’t really be considered “significant”?

The same way i was wondering what’s with the huge hype around Apple. The States’ got tired of the Microsoft monopoly, so switched to Apple? How clever. Instead of turning in an “open” direction, use the even more closed computers ready-made by Apple (not to mention i don’t like their user interface). Nevertheless, i considered buying an iPhone now that i became twenty, but again, no way. (For now.) I couldn’t get one (luckily) in april, when i came here. I’d have bought one then, but i don’t have a normal credit card, nor was of age then (here), not to mention it’s expensive, so it would’ve been kind of troublesome. Now i was wondering if i needed it—and concluded: no. I’m not using all the features of my current “small, dumb and cheap” phone, why would i need the almost-computer possibilities of an iPhone? I hardly talk on the phone, and when i’m texting, i like to do it quick. It’s pointless. Rather buy a new, high-end laptop next year for the sake of Starcraft 2.