A great song from the new DSO album, totally unrelated. (Somehow this new one seems less catchy at first than the Butcher’s ballroom, still McDonald’s i’m lovin’ it.) Thus today became a DSO-day, i was listening to that all day, naturally when i was at home. When not, i was with people which means i didn’t have my headphones on (not antisocial enough for that). I have this habit of doing something-days in music, with bands at least two albums in my library. With just one it’s not fun enough, but from two on, unlimited. Change of subject, i started meeting people, yesterday as mentioned before, today Bogi, and tomorrow… well, no plans for tomorrow. If no one, i’ll just drive my family crazy making them listen to my music, which would (seeing the current trend) be DSO—and i guess everyone agrees that avant-garde metal might not be the easiest listening. Who knows, maybe i’ll switch to Tarot

Oh, by the way, i found a really funny Star Wars-weather comparison page, via Yummie.