Now before the good parts i write about the bad, so that i could focus clearly on the beauty in the next post. It won’t stay secret for a long what it’s about–you can already check it out. To gather “material”, i was browsing deviantArt, and realised two (as for me) annoying kind of pictures. They are not annoying in the common sense, i just lack a better word. First are upside down pictures of a girl (typical example included). They usually seem really good. One is almost hesitating to click the favourite button, but just hesitate a bit longer. There are two choices: click that button, because the pic as it is probably worth it. Or you could give a try, and rotate it. A whole different world. Usually it’s not that much of a nice picture. Rather ordinary, or in many cases, the model is plain ugly. I couldn’t really believe my eyes when i first desecrated a photo like that, but that hundred eighty degrees of rotation can do wonders indeed.

The other one is related to socks’ or stockings’ photos. It’s probably only me, judging simply from the massive amount of such pictures, but i can’t stand photos from top. As seen in any example, these photos are (probably) taken by the girl herself (i at least very much hope that guys are not shooting such photos). The legs are in a few certain positions, probably considered very sexy, but from this angle, to me it’s just creepy. My idea of such photos is that the feet are closer to the camera or taken from the side. But not from the top. Never. Okay, hardly ever. There are counter-examples as well, but then those are simply breathtaking.