School’s not out, sorry Alice. It just started, and i’m not sure how to think about it. I surely didn’t get back to that fast enough gear for school, so it’s no surprise i’m a bit—and luckily, as for now really just a bit–behind myself (is that a huge giveaway that i always type “mysql” instead of “myself” first? yeah, this time too).

Today was fine. The presentation class is held by the center-chou (bad habit, it’s so easy to say it this way, much easier than to go around what’s her position’s exactly called, let’s say, the boss). Before i didn’t really like her… she just didn’t seem nice. But actually no worries, she’s all nice and shiny, though i’m sure she can get mean if someone goes “bad student”. But there was a lot of free time in class, i mean, it wasn’t actually free, we just weren’t doing anything worthy of mention, just going over the same stuff over and over again. I hope that’ll change later, this way i’ll have to bring something to read… (Twilight?)

The afternoon pol-eco class was about the COP15, global warming, climate change, the Climategate scandal and other related topics. It was quite interesting. Adina did a presentation about the topic first, after that talk-talk-laugh-talk. A bit too long.

Table tennis training was fun, i had a nice five o’clock white tea with home cookies and highland shortbread, but didn’t study any practically… I was instead reading papers that may relate to what i’m going to write about later this term. (Examples include one about gravity and information (pdf) and one on the ontology of non-Euclidean geometries. There are more.)

And midday for like half an hour, it was snowing. First time i see snow in Japan. It wasn’t enough to leave a mark, but still, it made me smile bright.