I don’t feel like working on my presentation, which is virtually done, or on my reports, which are most definitely not, instead launched SciTE and started working on the blog code—again. If someone would not happen to be following this blog long enough, this is something like a recurring joke: i’ve been “rewriting” the blog for roughly three years now, if not more, ever since i “completed” the current version. You can’t really see into it, i guess and i hope, but i’m actually quite surprised that this crappy code works at all. For the time being, i’m putting up code snapshots for you to see, test and comment. Of course it’s nowhere near functioning as of now, but it’s in progress.

Calling my old code “crappy” (and not only crappy, but also incomplete, just for your information nothing works in the admin area except for managing posts—everything else is phpMyAdmin) reminds me of what Sartre said about humans: we don’t let ourselves be defined, because as soon as that happens, the definition is already invalid. We move on. Just as when someone points out an until then unknown habit, we change. And we can break rules. Surpass ourselves.