I’m pissed off. Very pissed off. It seems that our asshole dear history teacher has that strange disorder that i already observed multiple times in japanese people: even if you speak to them in japanese, slow and clear japanese just to be sure, they simply won’t understand. Probably they think that it won’t make any sense anyway, or that i stupid foreigner must want to mean something else that i can’t put in words. Last time he announced that we have to write about Fukuzawa Yukichi, who played a huge role in the changing age (menopause?) of the Meiji restoration. But it was unclear (to me) whether we have to write about that beforehand or only in the exam, i asked and “he” told me it was just in the exam. (I always ask at least twice again after the answer, just to make sure.) Now he told us we have to write at least 1000-2000 characters beforehand and the main points of that in the exam. I’m happy i can’t kill with my eyes or i’d be a murderer by now.

Second, the japanese post bank. I applied for a Visa card there so that i could buy stuff online and have a normal credit card, not just that good for nothing cash card they gave us. Just when it should’ve arrived, about three weeks after my application, came a mail, that they rejected it. No reasons, and actually so “polite” and indirect that i had to ask someone with superior japanese skill (i’m praising here) what the letter meant. I had to call them to ask about the reason, which they denied to tell me on the basis that Visa and such cards are handled by other companies, so they don’t know the reason. Upon asking if i could or should apply again, as expected a totally indirect answer came including way too much meaningless politeness formula for me to comprehend the whole thing, but the main point was that i could, but it’s more or less pointless. Nevertheless, i will. (Ess-ess-ess-lick-my-ass.)

The last one is HP. I ordered an external hard drive, actually the cheapest one i could find on 価格.com. It had to be paid in advance through bank transfer–i couldn’t be more happy about that, because else i’d have already cancelled it, and bought a bit more expensive Western Digital from Amazon (which since then also ran out), and would have it in my hands by now. HP, on the other hand, sent me an email two weeks after my order that they are sorry but they don’t have this item on stock, so it might be a bit late. That was about two weeks ago. And now again, they announce that it’s probably coming only next month. Meaning march. Meaning i’m very unhappy. So i just replied to HP saying i’m cancelling my order, and ordered a WD from Amazon which would be delivered in about three days. Fuck you, HP?