Between two tries at the song i’m learning, i decided to write about playing, games, on the computer, with other people. Usually we play by grouping together in a (common) room and then either with cables and a router, or me creating an ad-hoc wireless network for the purpose, or the combination of the two (which, to my surprise, works flawlessly as well). This way the only problem is stuffing that many people in one place, because even if we’re playing in a common room with big tables, fitting eight-ten people there is not easy. If it’s a normal room, then it gets difficult over two participants.

A high-power wireless network could be a solution, but apparently the structure of the building is inappropriate for that. At home, i could sit in the living room with my laptop and browse the net via the shared connection of the desktop computer – with at least two walls in the way. Here it’s not working, even though people can see the network, for some reason they can not connect.

Or, a virtual network. The most popular is definitely Hamachi, which i use as well. It doesn’t take much: install the little program, join the network and it’s as if we were connected via lan. True, the speed depends on the internet connection and even then quite limited, for games it’s still all right. Also, voip programs like Ventrilo can provide the speech freedom that even lan games lack (you can’t go shouting “hey he’s alone let’s gank him!” with all the enemy sitting around you). Setting up a Ventrilo server is easy as well, i managed in about ten minutes with downloading and configuring. Also, it works across Hamachi-like virtual networks.

Also, there won’t really be a chance once we move out of the dorm and will live far away from each other.