I’m afraid if i go to sleep tonight, when i wake up it will be thursday again, and i’ll have to suffer all the boredom of today’s classes again. I’m so tired, and i was the whole day, i really wonder whether i’m really awake or just dreaming sometime “last night”, and i feel tired because then i indeed was. I was hoping that maybe as time passes my classes will get better, but they don’t. I still just go in, sleep, come home. Even the classes i chose because they seemed interesting are utterly and totally pointless. I know, i could bring something to read with me, which i do anyway (as for now, Haruhi manga third volume, i’m reading it quite… anachronistically), but wouldn’t it be better if classes were of any challenge? I get the feeling i’ll start writing again, well, as soon as i can find a decent notebook with calendar in it for my schedules—nowhere in Hikone could i, so far.